Internet Marketing Structure and Strategy Simplified

Internet Marketing is the profession of many online business owners. Every worthy cause, non-profit, for profit, soho business owner, entrepreneur and online income seeker needs to conduct ongoing marketing to support their efforts. This is a quick and simple overview of Internet Marketing. It is meant to be a guide. To the experienced Internet Marketer it is a kind reminder of your basic beginnings. To those new to these parts and those responsible for teams of people carrying out these marketing activities, this is a high level overview. In this guide we hope you find comfort and confidence to know there are only a few key moving parts.

Essential Elements Internet Marketing is marketing. All the skills, tactics and techniques of good marketing apply here. They are the same. The technologies, the media and the mind set of the masses online carry their unique learnable idiosyncrasies.

I’ve broken this type of Marketing down to two essential elements. The structure and the strategy.

The structure is created from a combination of 6 pages. This structure carries your marketing message and provides your prospective customer with their “customer experience”. This marketing structure is often referred to as your Internet Marketing Funnel.

The strategy includes the activities you carry out to bring your prospective customer to your structure and the various activities you include in your structure to entice and educate your prospect into deciding they want to take you up on your offers.

Structure Internet Marketing structure or funnel is really very simple. It includes six basic front-end pages and one back-end service.

The six pages you need in your structure are a Capture/Squeeze Page, a Thank you Landing Page, a Sales Page, an Up/Down Sell Page, a Fulfillment Page and the Future Page.

The back-end service you need is an auto responder. After a person enters into your marketing structure they are on your list. You will follow up with them through messages sent out through your auto responder service.

Strategy After you have your Internet Marketing structure or funnel in place you are ready to put your marketing strategy into place. This is where your marketing plan gets implemented.

The structure does nothing without having people going to those pages. Every other page on the Internet is about takes you to the top of this type of sales structure. Your efforts on the Internet lead people who need and want what you have to offer. Your strategy is designed to bring your sales structure traffic. Like any good marketing program you need enough people seeing your message to have the chance to take advantage of it.

Focus on Your Foundation Internet Marketing is really very simple. It takes a small set of learnable skills. You can master Internet Marketing as you focus on the essentials. Build a basic structure for your marketing campaign for visitors to flow through. Implement a single traffic strategy consistently for enough time to make things happen. You can have success as you keep it simple. Each item in this article can become a course of study on it’s own. You know better and will keep it simple. Tackle one item at a time and your Internet Marketing infrastructure will deliver you straightforward success.

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